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Home Heating Oil

Home Heating Oil

Serving Westmeath, Meath, Longford, Offaly, Roscommon, Kildare and Dublin.

Why Choose Flynn Fuels?

  • Superior quality fuels for maximum efficiency

  • Affordable and competitive pricing

  • Easy 24/7 online ordering

  • Convenient 6-day delivery service

  • Knowledgeable and friendly sales staff

  • Quick and flexible local delivery service

  • A family-run business that puts customer care first

Flynn Fuels has been a trusted fuel distributor in the Midlands since 1993. We have consistently delivered top-notch service and high-quality fuel products across the region, including Westmeath, Meath, Longford, Offaly, Roscommon, Kildare, and Dublin.

We offer an extensive range of heating oil, fuel products, and services to meet your every need. You can count on Flynn Fuels for competitive home heating oil prices, quick and assured delivery, and high-quality domestic heating oil, backed by a secure online payment system.

If you prefer a more personal touch, just give us a call at 1800 359 667 and our friendly team will take care of everything for you. We also offer premium home heating additives to optimize the performance and longevity of your heating system.

Flynn Fuels provides fuel tanks and advanced tank monitoring systems to ensure you never run out of fuel. We also offer tank locks for an extra layer of security.

At Flynn Fuels, we take pride in our reputation as a caring, knowledgeable, family-owned business. We go the extra mile to meet your needs without fuss or delay. We know that it's the small details that make a big difference, which is why our drivers are trained to respect your home and property, ensuring they leave it just as they found it.

Choose Flynn Fuels for reliable, superior service and high-quality home heating oil. Your comfort is our top priority.


Gas Oil 

Warm your home and streamline industrial operations with our superior-grade Kerosene. With its clean-burning qualities, Kerosene not only delivers high thermal output but ensures exceptional cost efficiency, making it a top choice for central heating systems. Its versatility extends to fueling 'Aga' style cookers, but remember, using the right fuel is crucial to prevent damage. To withstand chilly winters, our Kerosene is infused with an anti-freeze agent, ensuring optimal performance year-round, even at -18max. Choose Kerosene from Airside Oil, for unparalleled warmth, economy, and functionality.

Revitalize your fuel usage with Flynn Fuels' Sulphur-Free Gas Oil. Ideal for vintage homes with outdoor burners, industrial boilers, and powering off-road vehicles. This diesel-type fuel, dyed distinctively green and containing a unique chemical marker, offers two varieties: Winter and Summer grades. To best prepare for the frosty season, we strongly recommend having our winter-grade gas oil in your tanks by the end of October. Embrace reliable and efficient fuel solutions with Flynn Fuels, your partner for superior energy performance.

When you buy superclean heating oil, you are buying a quality assured product and a brand that you can trust. Our product and services are renowned for their high quality, reliability, and performance. Each delivery is

metered in accordance with the national standards authority of Ireland (NSAI).

Our top 7 Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial Fuel for Westmeath


Airside Oil's Interest-Free Monthly Payment Plan is designed specifically for our Home Heating Oil customers, enabling you to distribute the expense of your home heating over a full year through direct debit payments.

Our Monthly Payment Plan operates from June 1st to May 31st. You can join our plan at any given moment; we'll evenly distribute your monthly payments to ensure your account balance is cleared by the subsequent May.

  • 1.Commencement Deposit

    When enrolling in our plan and placing your initial order, a one-time deposit of €400.00 is required on your first delivery. All upcoming deliveries will be encompassed within our arranged monthly payments.

  • 2.What will be my monthly payment amount?

    We suggest a base monthly payment of €150.00. However, this amount can be adjusted upwards or downwards, depending on your specific oil usage patterns.

  • 3.Hassle-Free Payments

    Do bear in mind that each month you can set up a transfer of a predetermined sum from your bank account to ours. When it's time to order, any credit that has been built up in your account will be subtracted from the price of your oil delivery. Any remaining balance can be settled with the driver or prepaid using Laser, Visa Debit, or Credit Card.

  • 4.Scheduled Payment

    Payments are automatically withdrawn from your bank account either on the 6th or the 20th of every month, based on the date you prefer.

  • 5.Quaterly Account Statements

    Every quarter, you will be provided with an account summary. If there is a need to amend your monthly payment, we will notify you in writing before any alterations are made

  • 6.Settling your account balance

    Balancing your Interest-Free Monthly Payment Plan. It's necessary to settle any outstanding amounts on your plan by your final payment in May. If your account holds a credit balance, we'd be happy to refund it upon your request.

    Without any disruption, your Monthly Payment will seamlessly roll over in June, prepping you for your forthcoming year's oil purchases.

  • 7. Account Benefits

    Say goodbye to hefty home heating oil bills. With our plan, the expense of warming your home is seamlessly distributed across the year, ensuring consistent comfort without financial surprises.

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